1900 Fourth in West Berkeley is a vibrant collection of retail shops, outdoor gathering spaces & residential housing with thoughtful architecture designed to preserve, complement and extend the intimate character of the surrounding area. 

1900 Fourth is designed with the community in mind. Creative design choices enhance the amenities and feel of the district as it exists today. Ample public parking and proximity to public transit benefits visitors to the entire Fourth Street area - as well as residents. Housing promotes neighborhood safety with more active streets and more active public transit stops. Integrating residential with commercial creates nighttime economic vitality.

Archaeologist Dr. Allen Pastron, under observation by Ohlone Indian and cultural resource consultant, Andy Galvan, searched for the eastern edge of the West Berkeley Shellmound, one of the oldest surviving remnants of native settlements in the Bay Area.  They found no historically significant remnants of the Shellmound within the parking lot grounds.  Learn more about their research here.