1900 Fourth begins with 30,000 square feet of street retail along Fourth Street and a new pedestrian retail paseo with multiple outdoor dining and gathering spaces.  The retail is complemented by 155 units of market rate and affordable rental apartments, open recreation spaces and ample public parking.  

The detailed project plans are available here (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3).

1900 Fourth will build on the intimate character of the Fourth Street shopping district with retail and food service spaces on the ground floor, as well as open-air dining plazas and new paseo retail walkways.

The upper floors will create a residential apartment community that is rich in amenities, complements recent residential developments on Fourth Street south of University Avenue, and ties the residential component into the neighborhood shopping character of Fourth Street.

The project also serves as a transition between the mixed-use projects south of University Avenue that have much higher residential densities, and the area to the north along Fourth Street that where no residential dwelling units are present.

Guiding Principles

Compatible and Creative Architecture: Respect Fourth Street's scale at the central intersection to enhance the character of the existing district. Locate project massing to respond to the “urban edges” of the University Ave. overpass and Railroad.  

 Parking and Transportation Benefits:  Provide easily accessible and ample parking for Fourth Street retail visitors, residents and the community coupled with transit-friendly design including transit stop orientation, free transit passes, significantly more bike parking than is required, car share and other features.

Pedestrian Focus: Create a unique, fine-grained pedestrian retail experience through delicate landscaping, outdoor dining, paseos, distinctive detailing and retail tenanting to extend the walkable Fourth St. and create a connection underneath the divisive physical barrier created bythe University Ave. overpass.

Transportation & Parking

The project will provide parking to residential uses, as well as a high level of parking–141 spaces more than that required by the City–that will be associated with the retail spaces and available to the public.

A key purpose of the project is to contribute to an already successful retail environment. As its prime design tenet, the project is proposed to address the existing small scale pedestrian-oriented environment of Fourth Street. The ground plane is varied horizontally and includes two separate paseo spaces to enhance pedestrian interest and match efforts approved across Fourth Street. The retail spaces have a variety of architectural forms and styles to contextually fit in with and expand the wonderfully eclectic nature of existing Fourth Street shops. Two separate architects were engaged on the project in order to ensure a diversified experience with an array of unique design expressions. As part of the design process, the architects, landscape architects and developers met regularly on site, conducted walking tours and created photo-montages designed to incorporate the unique details of Fourth St. into the project.

The project includes construction of multiple buildings with a total of approximately 30,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. The project accommodates up to sixteen individual commercial spaces, each designed to contribute to an eclectic pedestrian experience with a variety of unique designs with access onto Fourth Street and accommodate a variety of small and medium sized shop tenants. There will be an open-air paseo that wraps around the building located at the corner of Fourth Street and Hearst Avenue to extend the slow, walkable retail characteristic of the Fourth Street shops. The project provides 214 retail parking spaces where 73 are required for an additional surplus of 141 parking spaces. All of these spaces will be available to the public. The project will also add parallel parking along its Fourth Street frontage, adding additional publicly available parking and slowing traffic to enhance the pedestrian environment.

The residential component of the project contain 155 dwelling units with an average size of 695 square feet, with a mix of studio, one and two bedroom units. 155 parking spaces are provided for residential tenants on an unbundled basis, which is an attractive benefit for renters who choose not to keep a car. Residents of 1900 Fourth will have access to 6,078 square feet of interior amenities, including a resident lounge and fitness center and a bicycle storage and repair area. Each of these common spaces open onto large courtyards, providing 6,450 square feet of exterior open space. These courtyards look out over Fourth Street and the open-air paseos to create an interactive relationship between the residential and commercial functions of the project, and to help continuously activate the Fourth Street pedestrian experience.

Project Facts

  • 155 apartment units (70 units/acre)
  • 25% studio, 54% one bedroom, 21% two bedroom
  • 155 residential parking spaces (one space per unit)
  • 27 affordable housing units provided (avg. rent approx. $900/mo)
  • Approx. 30,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space
  • 214 retail parking spaces open to the public (144 more than required by code)
  • 259 residential bike parking spaces
  • 26 public bike parking spaces & 60 bike spaces for commercial tenants and employees
  • Free transit passes provided to residents
  • Height varies from 24' single story retail buildings fronting on Fourth St. to 70' along University Ave. overpass and Union Pacific Railroad elevations
  • Retail spaces to accommodate local artisans or "makers" to encourage local small businesses and promote the eclectic artisan retail environment of West Berkeley. 
  • 1,000 square foot community multi-purpose room

For more information on the project please visit the City of Berkeley's website.